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Social Semantic Web: Where Web 2.0 Meets Web 3.0

SSS’09 is taking place in Stanford, CA starting from today (March 23) until Wednesday, March 25.

More information: Program of the AAAI Social Semantic Web (SSS’09) symposium

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Web 2.0 (aka. social web) applications such as Wikipedia, LinkedIn and FaceBook, are well-known for fast-growing online data production via their network effects. Meanwhile, emerging Web 3.0 applications, driven by semantic web technologies such as RDF, OWL and SPARQL, offer powerful data organization, combination, and query capabilities.

The social web and the semantic web complement each other in the way they approach content generation and organization. Social web applications are fairly unsophisticated at preserving the semantics in user-submitted content, typically limiting themselves user tagging and basic metadata. Because of this, they have only limited ways for consumers to find, customize, filter and reuse data.

Semantic web applications, on the other hand, feature sophisticated logic-backed data handling technologies, but lack the kind of scalable authoring and incentive systems found in successful social web applications. As a result, semantic web applications are typically of limited scope and impact. We envision a new generation of applications that combine the strengths of these two approaches: the data flexibility and portability of that is characteristic of the semantic web, and the scalability and authorship advantages of the social web.

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